State officials expect 3 million voters in November

GAB: Stagnant economy could bring voters out
State officials expect 3 million voters in November

Wisconsin’s top elections official expects at least 3 million people will vote in the November election. 

State Government Accountability Board Director Kevin Kennedy said about 4.37 million people in Wisconsin are old enough to vote. He said turnout is usually high when voters feel they have a stake in the elections and the stagnant economy has touched almost everyone.

He said turnout in the 2008 election was about 2.98 million.

Kennedy offered the projection during a news conference Tuesday touting a new website that offers military and overseas voters online ballots. He said the system will help voters abroad can return the ballots by mail in time to be counted.

The site,, also helps people locate polling sites and fill out printable registration forms they can deliver or mail to local clerks. Kennedy is urging people to visit the site so they’re prepared to go to the polls.

In 2008, nearly 6,500 military and overseas voter absentee ballots were counted in the state.