State lawmakers change proposal to eliminate daylight saving

State lawmakers change proposal to eliminate daylight saving
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Wisconsin lawmakers are having a change of heart over their proposal to eliminate daylight saving time.

Reps. Samantha Kerkman, R-Salem, and Michael Schraa, R-Oshkosh, introduced a bill last Friday that would eliminate daylight saving time in Wisconsin, a proposal that has since changed.

During a phone interview, Schraa told News 3 that they are doing away with the original bill. Rather than eliminating daylight saving time, which is when we “spring forward” in March, they want to do the opposite.

Under the new proposal, daylight saving time would be permanent, which would mean we would be on “spring forward” time all year round and the winter sun would set an hour later.

“The press release went out prematurely, I’m going to take the blame for it,” Schraa said of the miscommunication.

Schraa said the change came after listening to constituents. Ironically, the original bill was also inspired by some vocal constituents. However, once the bill was announced, he said there was a strong reaction against it.

“I think we got about 500 Facebook posts about it, it kind of went viral,” Schraa said.

Schraa said they will probably have to rewrite the proposal from scratch and said new the bill is more about eliminating time changes overall. He said time changes are difficult for animals and children, and cause an increase of health related issues such as heart attacks.

The state would need to get a federal waiver to make the change.