State Assembly unanimously passes resolution condemning political violence

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin State Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution condemning political violence, one day after mobs of people stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

Citing the long history of peaceful protest in the United States and the violence that has erupted in Madison and across the country in the last year, Assembly Resolution 4 states political violence in any form has no place in the American system of government and “should never be tolerated.”

During his speech on the floor ahead of the vote, Speaker Robin Vos condemned both the violence in the nation’s capital Wednesday and in Kenosha last year following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

“What I saw yesterday, it’s just disgusting,” Vos told reporters after. “It’s the only word that comes to mind. I’m proud to be an American. I am proud that we have a system in a republic that we have checks and balances on the system. There are things that I still have concerns about with the way the election was conducted, but Joe Biden is now our president. The system is working.”

On Wednesday, Governor Tony Evers also condemned the violence at the U.S. Capitol, calling it “an attack on our democracy, period.”

The Assembly’s resolution passed unanimously through a voice vote.