Staff at Wisconsin school make signs, socially distant visits to recognize each 2020 senior

LIVINGSTON, Wis. — High school teachers, staff, faculty and coaches at Iowa-Grant High School are making sure their seniors feel supported despite the coronavirus pandemic that shuttered Wisconsin schools for the remainder of their final year.

On Tuesday, 26 staff members traveled more than 130 miles to visit the homes of the 46 seniors in the 2020 graduating class.

In a post on social media, one of the staff members who participated, Lisa Edge, said the visits were meant to acknowledge the class of 2020 and let them know they were remembered.

“They came and picked up their belongings, and never got any closure. No proms, sports, graduation,” Edge said. “Some wonderful people thought it a good idea to get a caravan together of teachers and staff to drop off signs in their yards to let them know that they were not forgotten.”

The teachers cheered and placed signs on the seniors lawns to show solidarity for the class.

“We traveled highways, gravel roads, and one or two dirt roads, to let each student know they weren’t forgotten,” Edge said.

The Iowa-Grant School District is compiled of many towns including Livingston, Rewey, Cobb, Montfort, Linden, Mifflin and Edmund. It took staff over 5 hours to visit all the seniors’ homes.