SSM Health to proactively contact people who qualify for COVID-19 vaccine

SSM Health

MADISON, Wis. — SSM Health says it will be one of the health providers who will start vaccinating people aged 65 and older starting Monday, January 25th.

The Wisconsin DHS announced Tuesday those people would be eligible for the vaccine starting next week. About 700,000 people in Wisconsin fall into that age group.

SSM Health says it will begin proactively contacting people who are eligible for the vaccine. Due to the large number of people now eligible, SSM Health says scheduling will be done in phases. Additional information about the is available on SSM Health’s website.

UW Health and Meriter also released information on how they’ll be handling the rollout Tuesday.

Public Health Madison Dane County says if you do not have a local healthcare provider or are not affiliated with SSM Health, UW Health or Meriter, they will be able to vaccinate those people who qualify or match them with a vaccinator in Dane County. A sign-up page for people in that group will be available later in the week.