SSM Health: Tips to avoid snacking as school year ends

MADISON, Wis. — Many of us are guilty of it. The school year ends, routines are out the window, and the more relaxed days of summer are fully embraced. While in some families that could lead to snacking all day, SSM Health Pediatrician Heather Reichert says there are ways to keep your kids eating healthier options.

“Summer is a great time to get your kids involved in the kitchen,” says Reichert. “We know that if they’re helping with grocery shopping, helping with picking vegetables if you grow your own food, or helping prepare things, even as young as two years old can help mix things in the kitchen, then they’re more likely to try new food. Other great ideas are to have food already prepared and cut up for kids so that it’s easily accessible.”

In addition to preparing snacks in advance, Dr. Reichert says these are the foods you want to keep at eye level for kids when stored in the fridge or the pantry. She also says that maintaining an eating “schedule” can keep everyone feeling full between meals, and cut down on snacking all together.

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