SSM Health: Signs your child’s self-esteem could use a boost


MADISON, Wis. —  The Time for Kids Recipe for Health team continues to shed light on the importance of embracing self identity. Remaining true to the #BeYou message, they’re sharing some signs that your child might be struggling with self esteem, and other tips on how to boost their confidence.

In order to truly be one’s self, having a healthy sense of self confidence is vital. SSM Health Family Physician Dr. Roopa Shah says there are things parents can look for to see if your child’s self-esteem needs a boost.

“If you find that your child is having a negative self-image of themselves, they may be putting themselves down, or saying things like they feel dumb or they can’t accomplish this or that, that may be a sign,” says Shah. “They may also feel lonely, they may feel isolated, and they might start avoiding trying new things or certain social situations as well.”

Dr. Shah says if you’re looking to boost your child’s self-confidence, to give them more opportunities to try new things, as it will help them learn things they’re good at, and if they fail the first time, encourage them to try again as it helps to build resilience. Dr. Shah also says effort instead of outcome, and to brainstorm with your kids on how they can make changes for different outcomes.

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