SSM Health Pediatrician: Setting a routine will help kids adjust to the time change

MADISON, Wis. — Throughout the month of March the recipe for health team is focusing on sleep, and with the time change upon us, many parents are likely thinking about the impact it’s going to have on their kids.

While it’s the little ones typically have the hardest time adjusting, SSM Health Pediatrician Dan Beardmore is talking about ways to make the transition to bedtime easier.

“We’ve got to remove all those screens, cell phones, tablets, TV’s, and video games,” said Beardmore. “All those bright artificial lights wake our brains up by telling us that there’s input, so those have to be taken away as part of that calming routine. When it’s coming here for the time change where we spring forward, just be prepared that there might be a night or two adjustment as the kid is affected by that one our difference.”

Above all, Beardmore says to create a routine about 45 minutes to one hour before bedtime. Not only will it help the upcoming time change run more smoothly, but kids also thrive on predictability.

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