SSM Health now vaccinating local public safety agencies

MADISON, Wis. –SSM Health is now vaccinating public safety officials across Wisconsin communities. The first group was vaccinated Monday.

Police and fire personnel are the only groups of front line essential workers approved by the Wisconsin Department of Health to receive vaccination in the Tier 1B group.

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney was among those to receive a vaccine Monday.

“Working and maintaining the Dane County Jail, oftentimes we are seeing COVID present in some of our housing units and our Deputy Sheriffs, without regard are working day and night in those housing units. It’s important that they have the protection they need with this vaccine not only for themselves but for their families.”

Director of Dane County Emergency Management Charles Tubbs, Sr. also received the vaccine at SSM Health.

“If we don’t stay together, we are going to lose. It’s very important to me this year. Our health care facilities, which we work very closely with and are working very hard to come together for one common cause for the greater good and that’s saving and protecting our citizens.”

SSM Health is working with 14 area public safety agencies including Dane County Emergency Management, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office and several local fire and police departments. SSM Health also has vaccination teams in Baraboo, Fond du Lac, Janesville and Monroe who are working with local public safety agencies to schedule vaccination for local first responders soon.