SSM Health: It’s time to start switching to a school based routine

MADISON, Wis. —  It’s been said many times, kids thrive on routine. Odds are yours are finally fully adjusted to that new summer schedule, but SSM Health Nurse Practitioner Jim Plasky says school is coming, and that it’s time to start switching the routine again.

“With Summer coming around, everybody kind of lacks it a little bit,” says Plasky. “There’s a lot more events going on and a lot more activities, but as we’re gearing back up within these next three to four weeks it’s nice to start transitioning back into that school model with our evening bedtime routine, with our evening meal routine, and how those daily activities are aligning with that school day.”

Dr. Plasky says doing so now will help ease your kids into the school year, but also that having the predictability can help children feel reassured and less stress.

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