SSM Health: Family unit is important to navigating COVID concerns

MADISON, Wis. —  It may seem like ground we’ve already covered, but with rising COVID cases statewide, especially in kids, SSM Health Physician Benjamin Banks says it’s important to reiterate the message of dealing with it safely, including the added stress.

“The family unit is really holding a lot of things together for folk says Banks. “So, the best way to continue doing things is to a certain degree how you’ve been doing them for the last year or so, and that’s by sticking together. That’s by working together. That’s by trying to communicate as openly as you can amongst each other. Share those feelings of stress or anxiety. If the parent has a worry, the kids might also be worried.”

Dr. Banks encourages continued conversation among families, and taking precautions such as masking, hand hygiene, and social distancing to help feel safer. He also says that receiving the COVID-19 vaccine would benefit all children over the age of 12, along with their parents and extended family.

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