SSM Health: Families should intentionally create moments to look forward to

MADISON, Wis. —  It’s gray, it’s cold, the holidays are over, and as recent storms have reminded us, there’s a lot more winter to go.

If you’re out of things to look forward to, there are ways to fight the winter blues. SSM Health Therapist Britt Coolman says you can do just that by starting simple.

“Just the smaller stuff to look forward to on more of a day to day basis, like the things you build into your daily routine, but also every once in a while kind of doing something,” said Coolman. “Maybe it’s more family oriented, that are bigger things for kids to be looking forward to, too.”

While creating things for your family to look forward to, Coolman says it helps to also acknowledge that things are different and difficult. She also says to be mindful of loneliness your kids and teens may be facing, and to normalize their feelings, and let them know they aren’t alone in having those emotions.

If possible and safe, she encourages allowing your kids and teens to connect with a friend, but to start small.

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