SSM Health Cardiologist: Vape products are just as bad as smoking for cardiovascular health

MADISON, Wis. — Many kids and young adults have grown up hearing that smoking is bad, but often times, vaping is marketed towards those who are younger as a safer alternative, but SSM Health Cardiologist Andrea Rock says vaping should be avoided just as much.

“I understand, completely, why I it seems like vaping may be used somewhat different than smoking,” said Rock.  “There certainly is less debris in a vaped product, but there’s also a really efficient nicotine delivery system, and it’s the nicotine that’s going to affect your heart valves, your coronary arteries, and your arteries in general. It’s going to put strain on your lungs, and it’s going to cause stiffening of all of your arteries and valves. ”

Dr. Rock says that whenever she sees a patient with early cardio vascular issues, her first question is whether or not the person is a smoker, and the response is almost always a yes. She also says that smoking and vaping is the biggest risk factor for strokes and heart disease in the United States.

In 2020, the CDC reported that one in five high school students, and one in 20 middle school students, self-reported the use of vaping products.

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