SSM Health: Be proactive with skin protection and sun safety

MADISON, Wis. —  Summer in Wisconsin brings no shortage of sunshine, especially with the hot drought of the last few weeks. Some of our kids have been sunburned already, and SSM Health Pediatrician Heather Reichert says prevention is key when it comes to sun safety, and it starts with sunscreen.

“For SPF you’re going to want to look for a product that at least 15”, says Reichert. Most people choose a product that’s at least 30. There’s not a lot of evidence that any SPF beyond 50 provides any extra protection. If you’re kid has any sort of sensitive skin, some great products to look for are the Neutrogena Sensitive Skin, CereVe, or Blue Lizard, or you can talk to a pediatrician.”

While sunscreen is important for all, Dr. Reichert wants you as parents to know that infants under 6 months should stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible, but if needed, it is safe to put sunscreen on hands, feet, faces, or other areas that can’t be covered by wide brimmed hats or longer clothing. Dr. Reichert also wants you to avoid bug spray that is in combination with sunscreen. This is because the two products often need to be re-applied at different time intervals.

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