SSM Health: Be intentional in reconnecting your kids to their friends

MADISON, Wis. —  Being isolated for 15 months can, overtime, start to feel normal, but when it comes to changing that, it can often feel like a shock to the system all over again. If you’ve had worries about your child being isolated or disconnected, SSM Health Child Psychologist Kathleen Hipke says to be intentional in seeking out chances to reconnect.

“I think at this point, what we’re really encouraging families to do is to look for the opportunities for connection,” says Hipke. “Some kids are getting back to school. There’s lots of opportunity now, as the weather gets warmer, to get outside and to begin to interact with the world again in a little bit more broad sense.”

Dr. Hipke also understands that there may be some discomfort in going back to social situations, and says to honor that discomfort by taking your time, and using small progress to boost your child’s confidence.

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