SSM Health: As school year approaches, remember to follow regular vaccination schedule outside of COVID

MADISON, Wis. —  The COVID-19 vaccine is highly suggested for children 12 and up, but with the school year drawing closer, SSM Health Nurse Practitioner Jim Plasky says many are behind on their overall vaccine schedules, and that it’s time to catch up.

“A lot of kiddos that we’ve seen have fallen off of our recommended vaccination schedules,” says Plasky, “which is no big deal. Reach out to your primary care provider. We can get them caught up, but we want to make sure that outside of just COVID, we’re keeping other illnesses at bay, and helping protect them, especially now that we’re getting back to a normal lifestyle and getting the kiddos back into school, making sure that vaccination wise we’re covering all of our bases.”

While many vaccines are administered before the age of 2 to protect against diseases such as Tetanus and Polio, as a child ages, additional boosters and vaccines are typically required as well. If you’re behind on vaccination schedules in your family, Dr. Plasky says you can contact your primary care provider

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