SSM Health: A Goodnight’s rest has multiple benefits

MADISON, Wis. —  Odds are you know that a good night’s rest is crucial for development, but the amount your child needs likely varies. Young toddlers may need 10 to 12 hours, but school aged children may sleep less, while your middle and high school student sleep MORE. So how do you make sure everyone gets the right amount of sleep? SSM Health Nurse Practitioner Jim Plasky spells out a general rule of thumb for everyone to follow, including mom and dad.

“As an adult, looking at at least six to eight hours would be a good target range,” says Plasky. “Now everybody varies a little bit with that. Some are going to be at that eight to ten range, others are going be seven and say that I function great. As long as we’re within the ballpark there. We still need time to adapt and to recover, and it gives our bodies time to relieve some of the stress, if you will, and prepare ourselves for the next day’s activities.”

Dr. Plasky says to keep the routine in check, don’t let kids sleep in late or stay up late into the night, even on weekends, as consistency is key. He also says that all individuals may need different amounts of sleep, which could mean two children of the same age need different bedtimes.

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