Springsteen Lyrics Contest!

Winners will be contacted this week.

Barack Obama might be the President, but Bruce Springsteen is The Boss. Springsteen’s campaign appearance today has got the office singing, but we’ve also noticed there’s just not enough Madison in his lyrics. We want to see you put a twist on one of his hits—simply rewrite a line from a Springsteen song, making the lyrics Madison-inspired. We’ll judge submissions based on your creativity and use of Madison.

Need some inspiration?

Here’s our shopping version of “Glory Days”, inspired by Maxwell Street sales: Oh Maxwell Days, how the deals they will fly. Maxwell Days, see inventory going bye. Maxwell Days. Maxwell Daaaaays.

And as we gear up for winter, our take on “Dancing in the Dark”: Skate around the ice rink, slide down the hillside and leave your mark; Grab a cup of cocoa, spend a day enjoying Elver Park.

Finally, a version of “The Rising” that highlights a culinary tradition: Eat your fill at a fish fry. Best way to spend a Friiiiiday night. Eat your fill a fish fry. I promise you’ll leave feeeeeling right.

The top three entries will receive tickets to Winter Restaurant Week, happening in January.

To enter, comment below, or share your answer via Facebook and Twitter. Entries will be accepted through midnight. Good luck!