Spring Fling

s I write this, the promise of spring looms on the calendar and in the air. I wore long underwear and fleece for so many days this winter I lost count. It is time to put away the heavy clothes—and the heavy dishes of winter as well. April means serving lighter flavors and fewer calories. This salmon with vegetables and dill is easy to prepare, good for you and flavorful. The ingredients are listed without amounts so this dish can be sized with as many vegetables or ounces of salmon as desired.


CarrotsScallionsMushroomsButterSalmonSaltPepperFresh dill (dried can be substituted)Dry white wine (I use vermouth)LemonParchment paper or foil


Slice the scallions and mushrooms. Peel and cut carrots into matchstick pieces. In a medium skillet, melt a small amount of butter and add vegetables. Steam the vegetables, stirring occasionally until they are tender-crisp. Cut the salmon into individual serving-size pieces. Cut 12-inch sections of either parchment paper or heavy-duty foil. Divide the steamed vegetables equally between the number of pieces of parchment paper or foil. Place a piece of salmon on top of each mound of vegetables. Sprinkle with fresh chopped dill, salt and pepper, and a generous table-spoon of dry white wine. Crimp each packet tightly and bake for 15 minutes in a 500-degree oven. Check the thickest piece of salmon to make sure it is fully cooked. Squeeze on fresh lemon juice and serve.

Nancy Lynch is a self-taught cook from a family of foodies. She teaches cooking classes at Orange Tree Imports and All Through the House in Stoughton. E-mail your questions, comments or recipe requests to .