Chasing the Dream: Local Olympian inspires future generations of speedskaters

MADISON, Wis. - In 2002, Verona native Casey Fitzrandolph won a gold medal in the 500m in speedskating. He's the first man in Olympic history to skate under 36 seconds in that event. But now he's passing the torch onto the next generation of skaters at the Madison Speedskating Club.

One of those skaters is Joel Foster, who is a senior at Madison West -- and according to Fitzrandolph -- has the goods.

"He has the ability in my opinion to be -- I'll say Olympic level," he said. "You  never know whether someone's going to make it or not but to compete with those guys, but you have to do it full time."

Fitzrandolph knows that sacrifice. His parents drove him to Milwaukee at least three times a week when he was a student at Verona High School. 

"I truly believe that my talent was more along the lines of -- let's call it all-conference versus all-world and so I had to figure out a way to be successful -- given the tools that I was given. A lot of that's hard work, a lot of that's up here, wanting it more than anybody else," he said.

No doubt that Fitzrandolph sees a little bit of that in Joel, but knows it's going to take hard work. 

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