SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL:Welcome Developments

Real estate matters for the clients and community
SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL:Welcome Developments

The Barracuda

With a singular look and a clean, efficient design, the Barracuda is becoming downtown Madison’s premier living destination. The first new condominium development downtown in 10 years, it is also unlike any other project in the city.

The Barracuda Condominiums are defined by natural light and minimalist elegance. Using the flatiron-style lot, the building itself has been praised by Madison’s Planning Commission as both innovative and timeless in architecture and style.

“The passion and precision in the planning of this building shows throughout the finishes and amenities,” says Liz Lauer, the owner and head listing agent of Lauer Realty Group.

At 222 Hamilton St., the Barracuda is just one block from the Capitol building and Lake Monona in the heart of the Bassett Street neighborhood. It is within walking distance of just about everything that routinely puts Madison at the top of lists of the nation’s best and most livable cities: local specialty shops, full-service grocery stores, unsurpassed dining options and vibrant nightlife.

“The Barracuda makes it so you don’t have to choose between the excitement and convenience of living downtown and the comfort and privacy of the surrounding communities,” Lauer says. “Everything you want is here without having to drive 30 minutes before and after you enjoy it.”

All of the condominium homes at the Barracuda have two bedrooms and
two bathrooms, 10-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, Sub-Zero appliances and custom-designed showcase kitchens. Some units have landscaped terraces, winter gardens and sleeping porches.

The showroom at 216 S. Hamilton St. is open every Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m. and every Sunday from 12 to 2 p.m. for a glimpse at finishes, floor plans and the actual site of the Barracuda Condominiums. For a private tour of the showroom, call Liz at (608) 444-5725 or Mark at (608) 658-0467.SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL:Welcome DevelopmentsUW Credit Union

Marie Kondo has become a renowned “tidying expert” by helping people decide what to keep in their homes and what
to get rid of. Kondo’s KonMari Method, introduced in her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” asks the question , “Does this item spark joy?” The book has sold 10 million copies worldwide.

In Madison, KonMari is helping real estate agents and mortgage lenders help their members and clients figure out the next step after the big decisions have been made.

” KonMari is a decluttering method that we have seen work for a lot of our members who are selling, buying or refinancing homes,” says UW Credit Union mortgage loan officer Dan Mattes. “It helps you visualize your space – what you want it to be when you’re done – and prepare for whatever that next thing is.”

Liz Quinn is a Realtor with Realty Executives Cooper Spransy who frequently works with Mattes to help UW Credit Union members sell their homes. She has found that members and clients who declutter and stage their homes sell them faster and for up to 10 percent more.

“It helps buyers see the space for what it is and what it can be,” Quinn says. “If they are not distracted and overwhelmed by the seller’s property, it is easier for them to visualize it as theirs.”

For many UW Credit Union members, the stress they associate with packing up and moving is greater than the stress they experience over the big financial decisions that come with buying and selling
a house or refinancing a mortgage.

“I tell them about KonMari because sometimes it gives them peace of mind that there is a way to move forward,” Mattes says. ” Keep the emotion but get rid of the item. If something you no longer want has sentimental value, you don’t lose the sentiment by getting rid of it. ”

Artis REIT

With employers looking for new and better ways to attract and retain top-quality employees in a tight labor market, the professionals who sell and lease office space are finding that a workplace’s location and amenities can be difference-makers.

“Employers are really stepping up their game,” says Artis REIT vice president of leasing Brett Riemen . ” It’s not all about the cost of the office space anymore. It’s so hard to get good employees now that employers are doing whatever they can to make working for them more attractive. One way to stand out from other employers is by having a better workspace. ”

Location, location, location has long been the mantra for retail locations, and it’s becoming more applicable for office locations as well. What more and more employees want is for the office to be close to other places they want to go, such as restaurants, coffeehouses, dentists, hairstylists, dry cleaners and retail stores.

“Employees look for what they can do without having to get in their cars,” Riemen says. “Time is valuable when it comes to work-life balance, and having these businesses close to the office can reduce driving time and make a workplace seem more connected to their everyday lives.”

As people pay more attention to overall wellness, closeness to bike paths, pedestrian walkways, and fitness facilities are also increasingly important, along with the ease of bike storage.

The interior of the workplace also matters. Employees want open spaces where they can collaborate and workstations that make communication easier, but they also want private areas that allow them to escape the noise when they really need to focus. They also want to be able to get away from their desks to reenergize from time to time at employee lounges, coffee bars and gaming areas. SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL:Welcome Developments

The Legend at Bergamont

For people who know real estate and development, Legend at Bergamont is not a golf course. It is a gold mine.

With 29 new homes slated for construction and another Parade of Homes tour slated for June 8-23, buying or building a new home at The Legend at Bergamont is about as close to a “can’t miss” as you will find in real estate. Bergamont’s architectural control committee (ACC) assures that each new home meets its high standards of structural and aesthetic quality. And the high rate of new homebuilding and buying assures that property values will keep increasing.

Mike “Freddy” Frederick, owner of the JM Frederick Custom Homes construction company, says that as good as the buildings are, their Oregon location is the hidden gem. Frederick estimates his company has built some 15 homes in The Legend at Bergamont subdivisions.

” I have a lot of people tell me that Oregon is too far away, but it really isn’t. It’s as close as Verona, ” Frederick says. ” It’s 10 miles to Park Street. I tell them they should drive it sometime to actually see how close it is. ”

Frederick, himself a resident of Oregon, also takes time to let people know that the public schools and the Oregon community are as good as it gets.

“The Bergamont Parade of Homes and word of mouth are just about all the advertising I do,” Frederick says.

And then there is the golf.

The Legend at Bergamont is a 7,330-yard, 18-hole championship golf course designed by two-time U.S. Open champion and Madison native Andy North. The golf course was recognized by Golf Digest as one of the 10 best new courses in the nation in 2006.

“It’s a great community, even if you don’t like golf,” Frederick says. “Although that is a plus.” —