Special Promotional: The Face of Education

Wingra School
Special Promotional: The Face of Education
Photo by Timothy Hughes

The wellness of students at Wingra School, an independent K-8th grade school, is part of the educational program.

“We provide opportunities for students to practice mindful movement and breathing – skills that are transferable to the classroom and their lives beyond school,” said Debbie Millon, Wingra’s Head of School. “Being outdoors and connecting with nature are also essential to healthy development.”

Wingra’s wellness initiative is linked to the school’s progressive approach. In our information-besieged culture, education needs to “enable children to discern the meaning of the words and images they encounter; to cultivate habits of reflection, critical inquiry, and compassion,” says Millon. Through wellness, students at Wingra build a foundation of self-awareness on which to practice these skills.

“Developmental psychologists and researchers have given us a complex picture
of how children learn. How we educate at Wingra is consistent with these findings. We encourage students to engage actively and purposefully with their world and
to do so with insight, wisdom, and a sense of responsibility toward human society and the planet.”

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