Special Promotional: The Face of Childcare

Kids Express Learning Center (KELC)
Special Promotional: The Face of Childcare
Photo by Timothy Hughes

At the center of the KELC conference table, an ornate cookie jar depicts the story of The Old Woman in the Shoe. “The children climbing around the ceramic shoe house remind us of the many personalities and needs of the children whose parents have chosen us as their child’s place to learn and grow,” says owner/director Sandra Dahl. She, husband Will, daughter Heather and son Matt not only work at KELC, but Dahl’s grandchildren attend the ten-acre rural campus for infants through older preschool. “Hence, what we offer our own, we offer our community.”

That includes alpaca and goat pastures, forest and nature trails, and organic gardens. The private 4K program teachers are assisted by specialists in PE, Spanish, gardening and science, setting the stage for successful Kindergarten. Summer on the Farm offers classes in engineering, yoga, science, art, zumba, golf, culinary, gymnastics, music and more.

“Our motto is Quality Education in a Rural Setting,” says Dahl, “and we live up to it by hiring highly qualified, well-educated professionals.”

3276 S. High Point Road, 608-845-3245