SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Custom makeovers for your bath

Considering a bathroom makeover
SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Custom makeovers for your bath
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If you’re considering a bathroom makeover, designer Nicole Schreck of Coyle Carpet One Floor & Home recommends starting by carefully considering what you do and don’t like about your current bathroom. “Homeowners should focus on changes that will help make the space more usable and better suited for the family’s needs,” she says.

Of course, being practical doesn’t mean the room can’t be pretty and stylish. “Clients are stepping out of the box to create spaces in their homes that reflect personal style,” Schreck says. Many start with the floor, where decorative tiles are popular. “Smaller tile is back,” says Schreck. “The 1920s Craftsman Style tile is really hot right now.” That includes classic–sometimes intricate–geometric patterns such as white hexagonal tiles with
black accents.

Updated cabinetry can make your bathroom more efficient and attractive. “Furniture-style cabinetry is on the rise,” says Schreck, “such as traditional wooden dressers turned into vanity cabinets.” Custom cabinetry is one option, but Schreck points out that a custom-made look can be achieved with conventional stock cabinetry by adding distinctive details such as furniture legs or decorative molding.

Top the cabinets with quartz, says Schreck. “It’s durable and non-porous, making countertops easy to maintain and clean.” It’s also beautiful and versatile, with patterns that resemble marble or granite, and countless color options.

Cabinets that are pretty on the outside can also be packed on the inside with features to streamline your morning routine. Schreck likes roll-out organizers with adjustable shelves, and stainless steel bins for curling irons, hair dryers, and others styling tools. To organize cosmetics, easy-to-clean trays with multiple compartments can be fitted into drawers. Even a fold-out ironing board is among possible cabinet features. SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Custom makeovers for your bath

Sometimes, however, changing just one element, such as a tub or shower, can transform a bathroom. Mad City Windows and Baths specializes in custom replacement showers and bathtubs, and also offers whirlpool and walk-in tubs.

Options for custom showers include benches, corner seats, spa systems, rainshower heads, deluxe shower doors, and built-in Bluetooth speakers. “With the help of our design consultants, our customers can build their own shower from top to bottom,” says Mad City’s Nathan Richmond. In addition, a new Bath Design App allows customers to choose colors, styles and accessories. “Then they can see their dream showers come to life before their eyes,” says Richmond, of his company’s clients.

Mad City’s baths and showers offer individuality and easy care: products are infused with anti-microbial Microban, which protects against mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria. And low maintenance doesn’t mean you have to give up beauty. Mad City uses 4D technology to create simulated marble walls that are easy to maintain, and also offers laser-etched tile patterns that provide the look and feel of tile and grout, but with fuss-free cleanup.

Master bathrooms are especially suited for designing dream baths or showers. This is where customers typically get creative with colors, styles and accessories, designers note. In family bathrooms, on the other hand, “We find that customers prefer tub/shower combos,” says Richmond. “The family bathroom is where we usually lean toward cost-effective solutions to make it as functional and affordable as possible.” Liners are one option, but he generally recommends a full replacement. “It’s a much more thorough project and better quality for a slightly larger investment.”

Homeowners may be pleasantly surprised by the options available for fitting a new shower or tub into an existing space “With our new Luxury Bath System, we have custom solutions for tubs and showers than can be made to fit almost any size area,” says Richmond. In this process, Richmond says a design consultant examines the tub or shower area to assess all the options available and to recommend one that best suits a customer’s needs and wishes.

If you’re planning a complete, ceiling-to-floor bathroom makeover, you’ll find many new products, perennial favorites and perhaps some ideas you never dreamed of.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Custom makeovers for your bath

Lighting, for example, includes not only a wide choice of fixtures–from overhead and ceiling-mounted lights to pendants and sconces. Design also addresses light direction and special effects. Jerry Schmidt of Dream House observes that many homeowners opt for back-lit mirrors in which the mirror is mounted an inch or so from the wall and light emanates from behind. In addition, Schmidt says, “you want a design that has light coming from multiple angles.” This is pleasing to the eye and helps when you’re fixing your hair or applying makeup.

Favorite bathroom colors are white and neutrals, says Schmidt, but he likes a new line called Coastal Colors. Its natural tones are grays, blues and beiges, with wood surfaces stained rather than painted to keep the wood grain visible. “The idea,” says Schmidt, “is to bring the outside into the home and make it feel more natural.” While keeping their bath colors muted, many homeowners like to experiment with unusual textures, adding wallpaper to one wall, or extending tile outward from the shower stall.

“It’s fun to build showers,” Schmidt says, “because so many new features are available.” He notes that cubicle-style walk-in showers are increasingly popular. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the lack of doors and curbs means these showers are easy to clean and easily accessible.

Imagine stepping into a shower with a digital display and electronic valves, where the “just right” temperature is pre-set to your preference; when the water turns off, valves in the wall spritz a mist of your favorite body spray. Imagine stepping from the shower onto tiles warmed by an in-floor heating system. This type of flooring not only feels luxurious but is also practical because water splashed from the shower evaporates quickly.

If your bathroom seems tired or out of date, if you have fixtures that don’t work properly or if they simply don’t work for you, maybe it’s time for a change. Madison’s design professionals can help you imagine–and then create–a better bathroom. —