SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Big Ideas for the Smallest Room

Bring style to your bathroom redesign
SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Big Ideas for the Smallest Room
Dreamhouse Dreamkitchens

For most of us, the bathroom is not top of mind when we think about our dream home or the renovations that would make life at home more enjoyable. But give the bathroom its due. We spend
a lot of time in the lavatory, and a lot of the things we do there are quite important. There are countless ways to change the look and function of your bathrooms to more closely reflect your style and your life. If you live in Dane County, there is also an abundance of companies that can talk you through
the right questions and make bathroom remodeling and construction projects as painless as possible.

Dream House Dream Kitchens

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house with the most happening. There is a common misconception that because the room is smaller there is not as much work for a remodeler to do, and therefore bathroom projects will not cost as much as other rooms.

The truth is there are at least as many decisions and selections for a homeowner to make about the bathroom as any other room. There are choices to make about tile, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, lighting, paint colors and other accessories. That is a lot of material for a relatively small space, and all the tiling and plumbing can also mean higher labor costs.

“Communication and expectations are everything,” says Jerry Schmidt, Dream House Dream Kitchens Madison’s director of sales. “Most homeowners have never been through a remodel before. Communicating and setting up the proper expectations for the process is key. Many people are nervous about remodeling. If they know what to expect a lot of that nervousness goes away.”

For a better experience and a better final result, Dream House Dream Kitchens has created a system of communication that mitigates homeowners’ anxiety while also fully immersing them in the bathroom remodeling project.

“Our designers work closely with clients to reimagine the space plan and create a cohesive scheme of finishes,” Schmidt says. “We help you synthesize
all of your ideas and preferences into
a design that is both practical and beautiful. Once the design has been finalized, each project is turned over to an outstanding production team. From permitting to final install, each project is coordinated by a project manager and foreman. They serve as the points of contact for the homeowners for any questions that arise during construction. Homeowners also receive weekly updates that inform them who will be in the home and when. This helps minimize the stress of a remodel, while still allowing clients to be fully involved in the project.”

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Big Ideas for the Smallest Room

Waunakee Remodeling

While the bathroom might not be the first room most of us think of when considering a home’s style and design, it might be the room that leaves the strongest impression on the people who live in the home day to day.

“One thing that makes bathrooms special is this is the room where you start and end your day,” says Brian Ensminger, manager of Waunakee Remodeling’s carpentry department. “As a result, we strive to create a setting and environment that bookends our clients’ day to help them prepare in comfort for the start of their day and then decompress or reenergize at the end. We accomplish this by truly understanding what our client is looking for. By using colors, textures and creative accents, you can transform a simple, small space into your own personal spa.”

Staff members at Waunakee Remodeling appreciate that bathroom remodeling projects can feel stressful and risky for the homeowners who undertake them. They manage the stress and fear by being honest and forthcoming about the project, investing extra time at the front end to explain all the options and build relationships with family members.

“Trust is everything. If you don’t trust your contractor to be in your home when you are away, then you have the wrong contractor,” Ensminger says.

Waunakee Remodeling rewards its clients’ trust by directly overseeing every aspect of every project it is hired to do. The company’s employees know they are accountable for everything related to the project because they are doing all of the work.

“We are a design build company,” Ensminger says. “We use a team approach for all of our projects. We don’t hand our clients over to someone at any part of the process. We are with you every step of the way and we have a clear path we lead our clients down. We strive to make the customer’s journey as smooth and enjoyable as it can be throughout the entire process.”

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Big Ideas for the Smallest Room Kitchen Tune-Up Madison

When remodeling your bathroom, it is good to work with people who know the territory. Kitchen Tune-Up Madison is not just about kitchens. It brings the same style and sensibility to bathroom projects that it brings to designing and remodeling kitchens.

“You have to be very space conscious when remodeling a bathroom. Often, even a few inches can make a big difference in how the project is laid out,” says Tracey Conner, the owner of Kitchen Tune-Up Madison. “Common questions I receive are: Can we fit a double sink vanity? How large can you make the new walk-in shower? Do I have enough room for a shower and a tub? How much storage room can you give us?”

“Plumbing is also something that must be considered. In the kitchen, you generally have just the sink to worry about, whereas in the bathroom, you may have two sinks, a shower, a bath,
a toilet, and even a bidet to hook up. So, ultimately, you must decide if moving or adding plumbing makes sense based on where it is currently installed, or if it has to be reconfigured.”

One other thing: “With bathroom remodeling, you really have to make sure that your crews are scheduled on different days. It’s hard to fit a plumbing crew and an electrical crew in the same bathroom working at the same time,” Conner says.

Kitchen Tune-Up Madison has built its reputation on its stunning kitchen-cabinet refacing projects. Unmatched strength and experience in bathroom-cabinet refacing is one way Kitchen Tune-Up Madison sets itself apart.

“Clients like to have the option to reface rather than replace their vanity. Just the change from oak to a more modern finish can make all the difference,” Conner says. “They can also easily match their main floor vanity to the design or color of their new kitchen cabinets. Looking at how the bathroom ties into the rest of their space gives a more congruent feel to their home.” •