SPECIAL COVERAGE: Explosion at Midwest Industrial Asphalt in La Crosse

Emergency crews in La Crosse responded to an explosion at Midwest Industrial Asphalt on Sumner Street, near Copeland Park just before 7 a.m. on Wednesday, November 19.

Midwest Industrial Asphalt had a crew taking care of the cleanup. An environmental specialist that works with the company told Midwest Industrial Asphalt there was no cause for concern about long-term environmental impact from the explosion.

We have team coverage on the incident. Below you’ll find the most recent videos, articles, and photos. If you have video or photos from the explosion, email news8@wkbt.com.

On Thursday, December 18, La Crosse Fire Division Chief Craig Snyder said a heat torch ignited flammable vapors coming from the test value and caused the explosion. He said the origin of the fire was determined to be at the base of the asphalt tank, the test port valve.