SpaghettiOs, created by UW-Madison graduate, turns 55

UW-Madison graduate helped create SpaghettiOs 53 years ago
Photo courtesy of Campbell’s Soup

MADISON, Wis. — SpaghettiOs, the famous canned pasta marketed as the “neat round spaghetti you can eat with a spoon,” turns 55 this week.

The iconic comfort food was created by Waukesha County native and UW-Madison graduate Donald Goerke after he was asked to develop an easy-to-eat meal for children while he worked at the Campbell Soup Company.

Goerke chose a round pasta that would be easy to eat with a spoon and could withstand canning and reheating, according to a news release.

While SpaghettiOs are probably goerke’s most famous creation for Campbell, he also played a role in developing more than 100 other products, including Chunky, the company’s ready-to-eat soup.

Goerke died in 2010, but his legacy lives on with each of the 175 million cans of the famous food that is sold every year.