Soups On! will continue to support local restaurants through April

Anti Nutrients – They’re Part Of A Normal Diet And Not As Scary As They Sound
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To put it simply, food and drinks can warm us up. Coming in from frigid outside temps makes anything warm seem more appealing, so it can be easy to find yourself reaching for food. Some speculate this urge may also be part of an instinctive reaction for survival left over from when food could be scarce in winter months. Regardless of the underlying reason, these warm foods and drink are often richer and heavier in fat, carbs and/or added sugars than foods we'd typically consume.

MADISON, Wis. — ‘Soup’s On!’ has become a new tradition of supporting local restaurants as it sold over $75,000 of soup in its first 11 weeks.

The program has donated over 600 quarts of soup to Healthy Food for All Dane County.

To continue serving soups from local restaurants, ‘Soups On!’ is partnering with the Badger Prairie Needs Network.

The success of ‘Soups On!’ will continue through April.

Amy Johnson, volunteer committee member, restaurant coordinator and ‘Soups On!’ representative says the Madison community shows empathy toward families, friends, neighbors and local businesses.

“The Soup’s On! initiative is an expression of community where individuals can directly help local restaurants while enjoying some of the best soups the area has to offer,” Johnson said.

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