Sound Off: Nick Anderson explains CODAworx

Q&A with an insider to the database business
Sound Off: Nick Anderson explains CODAworx

Nick Anderson is online marketing manager for CODAworx, a place for artists to connect with businesses

CODAworx has an international scope. Why was it established in Madison?
Our CEO Toni Sikes started her business here in Madison because she thought it was a great place to live. Madison has an amazing talent pool of people [who are] well-educated [with] a lot of people involved in the arts and artists. Ultimately, we don’t need to be anywhere else, since it’s an online site.

What commissioned pieces has CODAworx collaborated on with Madison businesses?
We’ve worked on three projects in Madison with Hovde Properties, which is a real estate developer. Two of those projects are in the 309 Ovation building, [which include] the cascade light art chandelier as well as the plot map of the downtown isthmus hanging over the fireplace. Both of those projects had a budget of around $40,000. We ended up commissioning two amazing artists [for the projects] … from our database of over 17,000 experienced, commissioned artists from around the world who participate in our online community.

The other Hovde project was a 10-story waterfall mural on the front of the AT&T building.
When a big project like this happens, that’s over $500,000–you’re going to need more than just one artist. Once the artist, Jonathan Brown, was selected, [he] found a whole bunch of collaborators out there to make this happen … of the 11 businesses that collaborated with this Houston artist, seven of them were from Madison.

That type of art has long-term impact and importance, doesn’t it?
There are altruistic incentives as well. Someone with property like [Eric Hovde] who has downtown Madison business space, he is going to have a desire to give back to the city. When you create an exterior piece like this even though it’s on private property, it’s public. This is now a public art space for the city that is a landmark … and brings an excitement to the city, whether it’s a tourist or a resident who walks by this mural every day on his or her way to work. It creates a sense of pride and excitement for your hometown. It is something I would love to see Madison doing more of.