Sophia C. Riceman Chappell

Sophia C. Riceman Chappell

Sophia Riceman Chappell was born April 29th, 1995 in Madison, Wisconsin and died last week in Austin, Texas where she had lived for two years. She was sweet, gentle and quiet. She loved beauty, animation and fantasy of all sorts, small animals and silly jokes.

Sophia was quiet and her smile was always welcome. She was smart (she could always beat her Dad or anyone else at Othello), beautiful, and capable. She painted, embroidered and drew beautifully – her temperament was artistic and unworldly.

Sophia will be buried next to her older brother Sam, whom she missed, and mourned by her little brother Jacob Riceman Chappell; parents Anne Riceman and Rick Chappell; grandmother Rosine Chappell; aunts and uncles Andrea Blum, Glen Chappell, Lori Najvar, Ellen Riceman, David Riceman, Susanne Arney, Lori Chappell, Cynthia Steinhardt, Ruth Shire, Miriam Freedman, Ruth Riceman; and many other relatives.

A graveside service will be held in Forest Hill Cemetery, 1 Speedway Rd, Madison. Please refer to the Cress Funeral Home website, below, for updates.

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