Son of WWII veteran continues father’s journey to visit all 50 governors

MADISON, Wis. — The son of a World War II veteran is honoring his father’s memory by finishing a nationwide tour.

Sidney Walton was going around visiting the governors of all 50 states to raise awareness of the sacrifices World War II veterans made. Walton died Oct. 2 at the age of 102, shortly after meeting the governor of Oklahoma.

Now his son Paul is completing the tour by meeting the governors of the remaining 10 states. On Friday, he visited Wisconsin.

“My dad did this because he always had a regret that he never met Civil War veterans, if you can imagine the Civil War, and so he wanted to give everyone an American opportunity to be able to actually meet a World War II veteran before it’s too late so they would have a life with no regrets,” Paul Walton said.

Wisconsin was the 46th state on the tour, with stops to come in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware.