Some Dane Co. parks closed in coming weeks due to frost, prescribed burns

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MADISON, Wis. — Some Dane County parks could be closed over the next few weeks due to frost.

According to a news release, Dane County staff will be monitoring park facilities as warmer temperatures and rain can draw the frost out of the ground making roadways, trails, dog parks and grassy areas wet, soft and easily damaged.

“If we can reduce the damages at this time of year, it reduces our maintenance costs and allows us to provide better services throughout the rest of the year,” said Dane County Parks Director Darren Marsh in a statement. 

Parks will be reopened after “a few spring rains and drying winds when the ground will firm up,” Marsh said.

Officials also said as the snow melts, Dane County Parks and other conservation partners will begin conducting prescribed burns within parks and natural resource areas throughout the county. Parks may also be temporarily closed during a prescribed burn.

You can learn more about the parks on Dane County Parks’ website.