Some common Thanksgiving foods contain gluten. Here’s what those with Celiac disease should look for

MADISON, Wis. — For those with Celiac disease, trying to maintain a gluten-free diet during the holiday season, especially for Thanksgiving, can be tough.

Many foods contain gluten, including some most people would never guess.

“Shredded cheese often contains gluten because they coat it with flour so that the cheese particles don’t stick,” Brenna Waldschmidt, a clinical nutrition manager with SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, said. “It’s in a lot of foods, so it’s something you need to look out for.”

Gluten can also be injected in turkeys, so it’s important for those with Celiac disease to check the bird. Cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes are okay for those with the disease.

The autoimmune disorder is triggered when a person eats gluten, creating a reaction that causes inflammation that damages the small intestine.