Solidcore lays off 98% employees, offers to pay for staff healthcare through April, additional stipend for support

The owner has also foregone 100% of her own salary
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MADISON, Wis. — In an emotional email sent to solidcore customers, founder and CEO Anne Mahlum said that due to the shutdown of its 72 studios from COVID-19, 98% of the workforce was laid off.

“I have always promised my team that I would take care of them. And while I’m aware that it may not appear that way right now, it is evident that making this decision is our only chance to be standing at the end of this so that our people have a job to come back to, and you have a spot under the blue lights to return to,” Mahlum wrote. “I will continue to fight as hard as I can for this entire [community], and will remain focused on getting our studios open again as soon as we are allowed.”

Mahlum wrote that only 13 employees will remain at the company working at reduced salaries to get through “this unpredictable and devastating crisis.”

Mahlum wrote that she has “foregone 100 percent of my salary.”

Mahlum stated that employees will receive their last paycheck in full and will continue to pay for their healthcare through the end of April.

“I have also personally chosen to pay our employees, and qualifying coaches, an additional stipend to support them through this challenging time. It is surreal to me that within three weeks, we went from normal operations, to foregoing high-fives, to closing our studios, to laying off our team. This day is a nightmare.”

Mahlum said the company will continue to share at-home workouts on social media.

“We look forward to opening and sweating with you again in person as soon as we are able.”