Solemn holiday is more than start to summer

The ultimate protection of our freedoms
Solemn holiday is more than start to summer

There is an understandable temptation to begin consideration the Memorial Day holiday as a needed long weekend and welcome beginning of summer. It does indeed play both of those roles. But there is of course a more solemn meaning to the day and it is both important and valuable to reflect on it.

Our freedoms, our country and all it stands for, are what they are because of the willingness of many men and women to sacrifice everything for this country and these freedoms. They entered into harm’s way because they believed in those values and they died to protect them for the rest of us.

We believe it is out of respect for these men and women that we have a responsibility to always work to lessen then need for others to sacrifice their lives. We also believe that it is important that we honor them and thank them and remember them.