Soldier gets probation in homicide case

Shannon Remus sentenced for hiding corpse in death of Matthew Graville
Soldier gets probation in homicide case
Shannon Remus

A judge has sentenced a soldier accused of helping her husband hide his half-brother’s corpse in the Wisconsin woods to two years’ probation.

Shannon Remus, a military police officer at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state, faced one count of being party to hiding a corpse in the death of Matthew Graville, a 27-year-old man with a form of autism. Graville’s body was found last year in a Sauk County woods.

Prosecutors have charged Remus’ husband, Jeffery Vogelsberg, with killing Graville in the rental home they shared in Mazomanie.

Prosecutors said Graville was tortured and killed by Vogelsberg.

Matthew’s mother argued for a stiff sentence testifying about her son’s pain.

“What about what Matt went through? I wish you guys would sit and think about how I feel and how he felt. All the years of torture,” said Vicki Graville, Matthew’s mother.

Remus agreed to plead guilty to two new misdemeanor counts of obstructing police. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the hiding a corpse charge if she completes two years of probation. She was also sentenced to nine months in jail but gets credit for seven months she has already served.

“I was scared and weak so I chose to keep quiet. I know now that I couldn’t have helped Matt when I was told about his passing, but I could have helped the family by telling someone so they didn’t have to go through four months of wondering,” said Remus.

Dane County Circuit Judge Julie Genovese approved the deal on Wednesday and ordered Remus to begin serving probation.

Vogelsberg’s trial is set for October.