Soglin unveils Madison’s capital budget

Soglin: A lot needs to be done
Soglin unveils Madison’s capital budget

Major street construction and other transportation projects will be a large portion of Madison’s next city budget.

Mayor Paul Soglin unveiled the $192 million capital budget Tuesday.

About $23 million of the budget is federal grant money. Soglin said that money is earmarked specifically for public safety, transportation and Central Park on Madison’s near east side.

The budget also includes funds to reconstruct Monona Drive on Madison’s east side. County Road M on the west side will also get a facelift. The Cannonball Bike Trail bridge near the Beltline will also be remodeled.

There is a lot that needs to be done, said Soglin.

“We’re living with decisions that were made two, four, eight, 10 years ago, which is driving the force of our debt service and severely limits the ability to bring in what I’d consider my own priorities,” Soglin said.

The new capital budget also includes funds for a new parking ramp at the Judge Doyle site behind the city’s municipal building.

A couple million dollars have been allocated for neighborhood community centers and to start work on a public market.

Soglin said the city will never operate at a deficit and he will present a balanced budget to the City Council in about one month.