Soglin says legislators fail to address gun violence in Wisconsin

Soglin says legislators fail to address gun violence in Wisconsin

A state bill that would expand background checks on buyers of long guns is all but dead, according to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

The Assembly passed a bill Thursday that would require the state Department of Justice to conduct background checks. Fitzgerald said he doesn’t see the bill moving forward.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said in a press conference that it’s another example of inaction by lawmakers to respond to gun violence in the state.

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Posted by WISC-TV / Channel 3000 on Friday, March 23, 2018

During the news conference, Soglin called for longer waiting periods and stronger background checks, a ban on assault weapons and action against large magazines and armor-piercing bullets.

He also criticized Gov. Scott Walker for embracing mental health as a solution, saying the governor has been undermining mental health care efforts since being elected.

“The demands from the people of the state are very clear, and it’s obvious that they are incapable of coming to resolution on some very simple introductory precautionary steps that we need and which the public wants,” Soglin said.

Soglin said the state needs new leadership on the issue of gun violence, and as the legislative session ends and lawmakers return to their districts, he hopes they’ll get a clear message from their constituents.