Soglin releases $225 million capital budget

Budget includes construction projects, money to address crime
Soglin releases $225 million capital budget

Mayor Paul Soglin unveiled a $225 million capital budget Tuesday calling for some major construction projects including spending almost $14 million for remodeling the downtown fire station and $2.2 million to begin renovating the Madison Municipal Building.

There’s about $80 million in infrastructure spending, $38 million for the water utility and $42 million for street projects. Total borrowing would go up to $112 million.

Soglin has a long list of projects he thinks the city should continue working on. The projects include finishing planning for a $7 million parking structure, moving ahead with the Judge Doyle Square project, State Street improvements in the 700 and 800 blocks for $4.9 million, and improvements to the Monona Terrace for $2.1 million.

The budget also includes money to address crime, and social and economic issues of the homeless.

“Given the parameters of what we’re allowed to do, I think this is a fairly tight budget but at the same time gives us the opportunity to grow to expand,” said Soglin.

The capital budget now goes through a review process with final council approval in November.