Soglin promises to run ‘supper club campaign’

Soglin promises to run ‘supper club campaign’

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin is promising to run what he’s calling a “supper club campaign” for governor, hitting diners, restaurants and coffee shops across the state to make the case for why he should emerge from a crowded Democratic field.

Soglin officially launched his campaign Wednesday, starting with an interview in the heart of the most conservative part of Wisconsin in Waukesha.

The longtime Madison mayor said a poll he did in May convinced him he could win the nomination and defeat Republican Gov. Scott Walker in November.

Soglin, 72, is also downplaying being the oldest announced candidate. He said, “I’m probably the only one who, well into his 50s, did a five-day, 500-miles bike ride from Minneapolis to Chicago.”

Soglin hit Walker on the $3 billion Foxconn Technology Group deal and said the next governor needs to fight the opioid crisis, fix public schools, deal with homelessness and make sure everyone benefits economically.

Walker on Wednesday reacted to Soglin’s entry in the governor’s race by tweeting, “The last thing we need is more Madison in our lives.”

During the presser, Soglin said Madison makes the state, and the governor, look good.

“Our success is far superior to the rest of the state. When you take Dane and the seven counties that comprise the rest of the region, we are the ones that are making him look good, and he better say thank you,” Soglin said.