Snowfall a relief for snow clearing businesses during a dry winter

JANESVILLE, Wis — Snow removal businesses in Rock County are getting their first opportunity to work, amidst a dry and warm winter.

Dustin Mach, who is the co-owner of a construction business during the spring, summer and fall, started his snow removal company more than a decade ago.

“I bought my truck and said ‘Hey, I can come and plow for you’,” he said.

His business grew over the years.

“You just have to go out and do really good work and get referrals,” he said. “Put your name out there.”

Mach says in winters past, his company would have had more than 10 plowing opportunities by the new year.

“I think we’ve billed out two saltings this year, and only two snow pushes,” he said.

Rock County Public Works Director Duane Jorgenson said he’s seen the impact the lack of snow has had on small businesses.

“A lot of the private companies that do snow removal, I think they’re having a tough year,” he said. “There hasn’t been the (snow falls).”

Mach says he’s hopeful there will be more snow in weeks to come.