Snow to complicate spring semester move-in for thousands of Badgers

Residence halls open Saturday... and that's when it will snow

MADISON, Wis. — Thousands of Badgers will return to campus this weekend, back to their “home away from home” after a month-long break. But their return this year will be made even more complicated by snow.

University residence halls on campus open for the spring semester January 18: the same day Madison is expecting several inches of snow.

Traffic is always busy on campus during move-in. And now, cars will be competing with snow plows.

It can take up to 16 hours to completely clear Madison roads. If a snow emergency goes into effect for the City of Madison, that could make things even more complicated.

Even during move-in, or especially during move-in, alternate side parking restrictions are enforced so that crews can clear residential streets.  Those restrictions mean that anyone who parks on the street in Madison must move their cars and park on just one side of the road. And that’s not all that drivers should look out for during winter weather.

“Sign up for those alerts on the City of Madison’s website,” advised Bryan Johnson from the Madison Streets Division. “There are snow plow updates where anytime our plows are out, we try to send alerts to let people know what we’re doing and what their strategy should be.”

Click here to sign up for alerts from the Madison Streets Division.

If you need to get anywhere near campus this weekend, leave plenty of time. Last year, winter weather caused 18,000 crashes in Wisconsin; 45 people died during those.