Snow plow drivers continue work around the clock to clear snow covered roads

Salt will not be effective in melting snow until temperatures warm up again
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MADISON, Wis. — Wednesday night’s snow storm left messy roads for city snow plow drivers.

Bryan Johnson with the City of Madison Streets Division said all 32 plow trucks have been working around the clock to clear roads.

One snow plow driver said once the temperatures dropped below 20 degrees, drivers switched from using salt to sand to add traction.

“With the temperatures, we are not allowed to use salt, so it’s just been a little difficult trying to get the snow off the road,” said Cody Salisbury, a street machine operator. “Now we are going through residential (areas) and pushing back all the non hard packed snow.”

Johnson said plow trucks will be out on the roads removing snow until 11 p.m.

There are still a lot of slippery roads across Madison so drivers need to continue to take it slow through the weekend’s cold temperatures. The snow won’t melt off the streets until the temperatures warm up again.