Snow brings needed boost for plow drivers

Snow brings needed boost for plow drivers

While the snow is hated by some and welcomed by others, some businesses like Greg’s Snowplowing rely on the weather for their business to survive.

“This season has put a big damper on my business…the bills keep coming in and it’s very hard to pay the bills if there is no snow,” said owner, Greg Cerro.

Cerro and his team of 10 employees have been out of consistent work since January. Cerro was forced to lay his entire team off because of the lack of work.

“There is no payroll you just have to bite the bullet and hopefully that white gold will fall out of the sky and that’s how we are going to make it if we get more of this white gold,” he said.

The Madison area has seen around 40 inches of snow this winter, typical for this time of year. Cerro said the lack on consistent snowfall has hurt his business.

“I’m out thousands of dollars because the salt sits there and we can’t use it and it hurts tremendously.”

It’s not a new struggle, Cerro said the last three winters have been hard on his business. Cerro also has a landscaping service they hope will allow them to make up the cost come spring.

“What’s tomorrow going to bring us 60’s, 70’s, 80’s? If you live in Wisconsin you have to be ready for any kind of weather and hopefully we will get more snow and we can continue on with our business,” he said.