Sniff your heart out with these locally made candles

Fill your home with iconic smells and comforting scents this winter.

If you’re going to be cooped up in the house for a whole season, you might as well make it smell nice. Lighting up an array of candles throughout your home not only deodorizes stuffy rooms, but can transport you to another place if you’re willing to get a little imaginative. These local candle makers and sellers have been working hard to melt and pour the perfect scented waxes to make your quarantine quarters a bit cozier.

Local Candle Makers and Sellers:

Wisconsin Candle Co.
The owner of this Waunakee shop has severe asthma and is extremely sensitive to chemicals and smells often found in candles. So, when you spark up one of these hand-poured, small-batch soy candles, you know you are always getting the purest quality. Smells include pomegranate and champagne, wasabi ginger and brandy Old-Fashioned. 119 W. Main St., Waunakee, 850-7177,

Karner Blue Candle & Supply
Candles are often known to smell like lilacs, gardenias, roses, lilies and other sniffs on the floral spectrum. But how frequently do candles actually look like the thing they smell like? Lucky for you, these candle roses come in more than 20 other scents, including coconut macaroon and spiced apple pie. 5728 Monona Drive, Monona, 258-2558,

Nu Candles and Boutique
The best things in life are often simple, and the candles created by the family behind Nu Candles certainly stand up to the test. Using just three ingredients — soy wax, essential oils and the wick — these non-toxic candles are pet-friendly and ready for a sniffin’. Grab yours in mulberry and moonbeam, sage and chamomile, strawberry rhubarb and more. 618-2803,

Madison Candle Co.
If you haven’t tried out the signature candle at Madison Candle Co., the Mendota Red, there has never been a better time. With a crisp-air scent meant to trigger nostalgic, college town memories, this bad boy burns for up to 60 hours. Each of the candles made by Susan and Tom — the duo behind this operation — is decorated with sand specifically collected from a time and place that correlates to the scent. 556-6981,

Welch Candle Co.
The amount of candles you burn in a week is nobody’s beeswax — well, other than the Welch Candle Co. These 100% beeswax candles aren’t the most extravagant or potent smelling, but whenever you light the wick there is a chemical reaction that purifies the air of toxins and allergens. Adorably minimalist and made with your well being in mind, these buzzworthy burners give off a warm aroma that feels like home. 780-1873,

Candle Cocoon
While this store sells all sorts of already-made candles, making your own melty creation can be a satisfying activity that will smell up your house in all of the best ways. Pick out what shape and container you want your candle to take — tea cups and Victorian jars are especially chic — and go full Picasso while mixing your dyes. The most difficult part of the process just might be picking out which signature scent you want to indulge in. 5728B Monona Drive, Monona, 233-9290,

Fox Ridge Candles
Made from scratch and with you, the environment and your loved ones in mind, the candles made in Jaci Kelly’s home are a great way to keep your indoors fresh. Fox Ridge’s holiday collection has the traditional inclusion of smells like cranberry and spice, hot apple cider and Fraser fir as well as fun options like mistletoe and Turkish mocha. Try a black raspberry vanilla or tobacco and bay leaf version for year-round aroma sensations. 723-8310,

Angela Rose Studios
The wife and hubby duo behind Angela Rose Studios are cranking out Wisconsin-inspired candles perfect for Cheeseheads past, present and future. Scents for Madison, Stoughton, Lake Geneva and Warrens coexist with the studio’s other signature smells, with our pride and joy Capitol City scent wafting reminders of Farmers’ Market florals and Lake Mendota’s breeze. Classics like lavender, chai latte and Christmas tree are also surefire winners. 618-5025,

Lake Life Co.
You may have heard of third-generation farmers, truck drivers, nurses … but what about candlemakers? With the help of the Bernards family you can hunker in with a Flannel and Frost soy candle, get up and at ’em with a Cup O’ Joe, or escape with Strawberry Guava. Ditch that lighter and go the old fashioned way with an adorable jars of matches. 4895 Easy St., Waunakee,

Ambrosia Flame Candles
The phenomena of wanting to take a bite out of a particularly delicious-smelling candle isn’t unheard of, and if any company could get you to do it, it might be Ambrosia Flame. (Just kidding, please don’t eat any candles.) With unique and rich flavors like gingerbread, chocolate caramel truffle, birthday cake, peppermint mocha and apple maple bourbon, your sweet tooth will just have to sniff to get by. 999-8739,

Wax Melts, Incense & Other Smells
Head to the Red Barn Company Store or The Soap Opera for a collection of wax melt materials, JNJ Craftworks for reed diffusers, and Good Day Shop for incense. Metaphysical shops Mimosa Spirit and Cosmic Delights also have impressive selections of incense, as well as essential oil blends for a diffuser.

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