Small business owners look to State Representatives for help

Madison, Wis – A new bill making its way through the Wisconsin legislative process could help small business owners better navigate licensing, grants, and taxes.

Earlier this month Democratic State Representative Francesca Hong helped introduce a bill that would centralize small business needs related to state agencies via an online portal.

Hong, a small business owner herself said the goal is to allow community minded entrepreneurs more time to focus on running their businesses and less on navigating bureaucracy.

“Small business owners have to wear a lot of hats,” She said. “A lot of us are operating our own businesses. We have to be both the HR as well as the chef or the line cook or the dishwasher.”

Representatives from Main Street Alliance, a small businesses advocacy group, said the proposal was long overdue.

The organization’s Midwest Regional Manager Shawn Phetteplace said it’s time for Wisconsin politicians to put small business first. 

“For a long time, state government in Wisconsin, over the last decade, has focused on larger businesses where they can afford an accountant, a lawyer, all these people to navigate the stuff for them and so it hasn’t been as a big deal for them,” he said.

Phetteplace also said some entrepreneurs are having to navigate up to 15 different websites to make sure they’re abiding by law.

If the bill gets the support of the Small Business Development Committee Chair Republican Representative Loren Oldenburg it would then be brought to a public hearing before a committee vote.

In order for it to pass during this current legislative session that would need to happen by April.