Six Whisk bloggers share favorite holiday recipes

Warning: You might not have leftovers
Six Whisk bloggers share favorite holiday recipes
Homemade Irish Cream by Jodi Danen of Create Kids Club

Cooking for a crowd is what the holiday season is all about–along with large portions, great wine and delicious desserts, of course. November is the month where we begin looking for the most seasonal, delicious and crowd-pleasing recipes to serve during the holidays. It can be difficult deciding which dish works best for a large group and how much food you will need for the size of your crowd. We can all admit, the holidays usually never go exactly as planned. Finding a go-to dish that is easy to prepare and will feed a crowd will make your holidays a little more relaxing. And when there are no leftovers, you know you’ve done something right! You might be looking for an easy, one-pan dish, a traditional family favorite or a low-calorie creamy potato recipe–if so, check out what these Whisk bloggers have planned for the holiday season.Six Whisk bloggers share favorite holiday recipes

Suhjey Beisser, Five Senses Palate

I have been making my Thanksgiving stuffing recipe for more than 10 years to bring it to the Thanksgiving table. We have rotated the Thanksgiving celebration over the years, but no matter where we celebrate, I am always asked to bring this dish because it is a favorite. It has evolved with me as I started incorporating ingredients like kohlrabi and delicata squash when I had them on my CSA. It is also great to prep the night before and bake right before serving. It’s perfect for the holidays and for feeding a crowd!Six Whisk bloggers share favorite holiday recipes

Lauren Rudersdorf, The Leek and the Carrot

I am addicted to every single batch of Smitten Kitchen biscuits, scones and sweet rolls. On a day when the weather is too bad to get anything accomplished and has me feeling cozy, I love to spend a couple hours whipping up double batches of my favorite scone or biscuit recipes and tossing them in the freezer. I can pull out as many as I need on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning and pop them in the oven for a quick simple treat. They’re also great for surprise visitors. Six Whisk bloggers share favorite holiday recipes

Jodi Danen, Create Kids Club

My family has many traditional recipes, like most families do. Our favorite recipe that appears at a wide variety of holidays is cheesy potatoes. I created this lightened up version which is lower in calories and fat, but keeps the flavor. Another holiday favorite for the adults is my homemade Irish cream recipe–it is such a special treat! When we want something that will make both the kids and adults happy, I serve cranberry spritzer which can be served with or without alcohol. After the holidays, I make my go-to recipe that uses leftover turkey or chicken. It’s my children’s favorite–turkey rice bake. Happy Holidays! Six Whisk bloggers share favorite holiday recipes

Sarah Woolworth, Wisconsin From Scratch

Roasted apples with plenty of fall spices couldn’t be easier to make, and are just as good for breakfast atop steel cut oats, waffles or pancakes, as they are for dessert with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop vanilla ice cream. This casserole is pure comfort food at its finest. Filled with leeks, mushrooms, wild rice, sharp cheddar and roasted chicken. It’s easy to make enough to feed a crowd, not to mention, it’s the perfect way to use up any leftover chicken (or holiday turkey) you might have lying around. Six Whisk bloggers share favorite holiday recipes

Vicky Cassidy, Things I Made Today

A big holiday meal doesn’t need to be complex. One of my favorite dishes to make is a whole roasted chicken cooked over potatoes. The juices from the chicken soak into the potatoes, making them absolutely irresistible. Proof: There are never leftovers.Six Whisk bloggers share favorite holiday recipes

Liz Kepplinger, Inspired by the Seasons

Spinach salad with pears–Make the dressing and candied pecans the day before and this salad comes together in no time for your holiday feast. Ginger pear crisp–What?? Aunt Doris only brought one pumpkin pie instead of the two she promised? This dessert cooks up on the stove and only uses one pan; problem solved.