Sips for the summer

Sommelier Caitlin Suemnicht's white and red picks
Sips for the summer
Flickr photo by astuviaje

Sauvignon Blanc, those especially from California or France, are nice and light and citrusy. New Zealand tends to produce more grassy notes and is preferred by Caitlin Suemnicht.

Grüner Veltliner, typically grown in Austria, is minerally, dry and crisp–a classic pairing with asparagus.

Txakoli, from the Basque Region of Spain, has a low alcohol content. Tastes a little briny, like ocean water but in a pleasant way. Pairs well with the season’s lighter fare: salads, herbs, fish and smoked fish.

Dry Riesling, nice and crisp with lots of fruit. Loves to keep company with Asian cuisine or any food with a bit of spice or salt.

Lighter body reds can take a bit of a chill–15 minutes in the refrigerator just before serving will make you and your guests glad for such a warm evening.

“Rose is still cool,” says Suemnicht. It’s such a versatile wine, people drink it now all year long. California tends to produce a deeper pink color, fruity with notes of cherry and blood orange. Lighter pink roses are lighter in color, almost white, more crisp with higher acidity and have a strawberry aroma.

A California Gamay is one of Suemnicht’s favorite summer wines. It pairs with everything light–chicken, even fish.

Enjoy fuller body reds even in the summer. We need something to sip with our grilled steaks and BBQ!

Zinfandel is a great match and California is where Zin is grown. Jammy, fruity, sometimes has a bit of spice. It will stand up to those smoky, bold flavors, as will a Syrah and a Malbec.