Side-by-side photos show what #SunPrairieStronger means at Main Street explosion site

On July 10, 2018, a block of Main Street was leveled during the fatal Sun Prairie gas explosion.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the day after the explosion, the photos were heartbreaking. Businesses were destroyed. Smoke filled the city. Cars were torched in the street.

Immediately following the explosion, these pictures had people wondering if Sun Prairie would be able to recover from the blast. But, just one year later, Sun Prairie is proud to say they are stronger.

On the day of the anniversary, News 3 Now compared photos from the explosion site to pictures from before the blast and photos taken one year later.

Pictures taken on the anniversary tell a new story. Much of the area is restored and this downtown block is once again an active part of the city. While there is still work to be down, Sun Prairie is stronger.

Following are some of those photos side-by-side. They are interactive, so you can see what has changed in the city over time.

Explosion site day of : Explosion site today

Explosion site before : Explosion site day after

Downtown Sun Prairie after explosion : Downtown Sun Prairie today

City Hall before : City Hall after

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