Should You Look for a New Job in 2015?

Become your own boss
Should You Look for a New Job in 2015?

It’s that time of year again. Time to take stock of our lives and make plans to improve in the coming twelve months. While getting in shape, cooking more and finding time to volunteer all make popular New Year’s resolutions, career advancement–whether that means a raise, a promotion, switching employers or making a wholesale career change–also tops many lists. And considering where we’re at in the economic recovery, it’s a good time to evaluate options. The turnover rate across the country is the highest it’s been since the recession, showing that people are willing to leave jobs voluntarily–an indication of a strengthening labor market. The number of employees asking for raises or promotions at their present jobs is on the rise, too, as staffing agency Accountemps recently found in a nationwide survey of CFOs. Or if you’re looking for a new gig entirely, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects, unsurprisingly, the fastest-growing jobs as ones in health care and IT.

An alternative plan for a job change in 2015: Become your own boss.

The number of people starting their own businesses grew during the recession, with a peak in 2009 and 2010. The Kauffman Foundation, a nonprofit that tracks new business creation, found that the rate of new entrepreneurial activity fell in both 2012 and 2013, but that the dip could be “due to improving economic conditions”–people can get jobs at someone else’s company, so they are less likely to try and start one themselves.

The 2014 Kauffman report also found a shift over the last few years in who these new entrepreneurs are. Fewer business creators are coming directly out of unemployment and are instead willfully leaving jobs to strike out on their own. In 2009, almost seventy-four percent of new entrepreneurs were not coming directly out of unemployment, whereas in 2013, that figure grew to just over seventy-eight percent.

With the growing entrepreneur community in Madison–NerdWallet just named us the second best city in the country for young entrepreneurs–there may be no better time to become your own boss than in 2015.

Margaret Leitinger, vice president of Spherion in Madison, talks staffing and recruiting in 2015

Is there a time of year when more people use staffing services? Just as many people resolve to lose weight or kick bad habits at the start of the new year, they often also pledge to find a new or better job. We typically see an uptick in applications during January and February.

What kinds of things do you look for when matching a prospective employee with an employer? Skills matching is a priority, but we also focus a great deal on identifying culture matches for candidates and companies.

Are you noticing any trends in recruiting and staffing here in Madison? Do these trends reflect what’s going on across the U.S.? Recruiting trends in Madison closely mirror what we’re seeing nationally. Millennials are a growing segment of the workforce and will be a huge part of the job market and the rebounding econ omy. We’re seeing skills gap patterns similar to those projected for the U.S. labor force as a whole. The skills gap–the challenge companies face as they try to find workers to perform many of the jobs that require skills that aren’t being taught anymore–will continue to be a growing problem. Therefore, a company’s ability to recruit, develop and retain its most valuable workers will have a significant impact on overall business success.

Are you expecting any other employment trends in 2015? The overlap of Boomers and Millennials in the workforce is creating an unprecedented scenario in the U.S. with five generations collaborating in the workplace. As a result, companies will need to continue to refine their training and engagement programs to help workers successfully work and develop together.